Now, a little about the ‘latest’… eLearning

In case you didn’t know, there is an eLearning revolution taking place.

The days of traditional education, in the classroom and the workplace, has come to an end. No longer do teachers just preach to a class of sleeping students. Employees no longer have to trek to the corners of the earth for a boondoggle and a certificate that they were alive while other were talking at them.

Technology is fueling this change for the better. It is a whole new world.

Don’t take my word for it, check out the infographic below:

eLearning Infographic


77% of American organization are using some form of eLearning.

Corporations can save around 50% by replacing instructor led instruction with eLearning.

These are great stats showing the value of online learning programs in the corporate space.

A number of businesses adopt learning management systems (LMSs) as a way of offering online learning environments, cost effective training solutions, reporting tools, database archives, and built in communication and collaboration networks.

There are many reasons why companies choose an LMS for their eLearning program. It really comes down to the specific needs of the organization and the culture that is prevalent there. Here are some examples some of the benefits of using an LMS:

1.  Learning for All at an Affordable Price

You can deploy just about any type of content and multimedia to help learners retain job critical information. The costs may vary, but look for providers that do not charge user fees for their LMS so you can stay away fro managing unnecessary licenses that may limit who has access to important information. Get everyone in on the discussion without user fees.

2.  Better Business Adaptation

With online content and user group management, an LMS allows for easy changes to take place with the content that is available, who can access it and with reporting on it’s effectiveness – all in one place. Digital deployment to mobile devices makes the ability to adapt even faster.

3.  Attract Better Employees

Many job seekers want to know there is an opportunity for advancement. They want to know that a company is interest in investing in their future as the advance their professional career.  This will attract a higher caliber employee and keep them around a little longer.

4.  Increase Retention of Information 

According to the infographic, employees participating with eLearning programs retain knowledge 25% – 60% more than traditional instructor-led education. That can make a significant difference in employee output.

5.  Keep your Message Consistent

Product offerings change. Sales messages need to be updated. New, valuable information become available at a regular pace which needs to find it’s way to the important people in your organization. An LMS makes managing this change  simple by providing one central repository for all of your mission critical collateral and communications.

The eLearning revolution is here! What are you going to stay on top of this so you are not left behind?

eLearning is the ‘Latest’ thing you need to be on top of or you will be left behind.

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